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Coconut [25 Jul 2011|12:48pm]

My brother found a lost lovebird at his school, which we've christened Coconut.
An appropriate name I hope, she(or he?) enjoys landing on people's heads.

natural flirt [24 Apr 2011|10:02pm]

asdasl;dksa;ldka O MAH LAWD

small dump this time [27 Mar 2011|08:15pm]

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ANOTHA DUMP [28 Feb 2011|02:53pm]


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HERP A DERP VERY LARGE DUMP [16 Sep 2010|04:42am]
tf2 spawn room pin-up girls

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oh and now I have a deviantart that I post some stuff

art dump [11 Aug 2010|10:55pm]
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WIP: Syringe glove [08 Aug 2010|08:11pm]

The glove came from this emo scene shop and it's so shoddy. It's obvious that it doesn't fit at all :|
It's going to have tubes that link to my veins to supply the syringes with blood when it's done.

[03 Jun 2010|03:12pm]


I HEAR A BITCH!! [30 Mar 2010|04:43pm]

[30 Mar 2010|04:41pm]

Nice vile

For a split second I wonder what these pro L4D2 Japanese
players were talking about until I realised they were referring to
my bile bomb throw. X3 How adorable, vile.

It was the first time I played an Expert game with strangers that were good.
Mostly the public players I meet on Expert are wankers that kill my
teammates and quit, or verbally abuse everyone with mic chat. :c

Friendly fire was only single-digits, and we only restarted once.

INTERNET PREDATOR [19 Mar 2010|10:30am]

Clarice has the best response:

I agree with her.

another dump [18 Mar 2010|06:21pm]

I haven't posted in a long time, so here's some stuff.
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 That is all.
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dump [31 Jan 2010|12:26am]

[16 Jan 2010|09:07pm]

Have you ever wondered what happened on their
car ride to the Whispering Oaks fairgrounds?

[16 Jan 2010|09:05pm]

[30 Dec 2009|06:43pm]

for rebecca [12 Dec 2009|09:32am]

Elephant With Teacups for Feet

How hard would it be for him to walk?

things [07 Oct 2009|02:00pm]
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[11 Sep 2009|08:34pm]

The (slightly) happier days, tumour growing but not as bad at the moment of death.

Date of death: September 11 2009, Friday
Discovery of death: 6:52PM; Body was cold and stiff. Eyes were opened.
Estimated time of death: Unclear; though she was still alive in the morning till noon.

It was inevitable but it’s never easy to lose someone you love.
In fact I woke up really early today... already had that nasty feeling.

Bye bye baby

happy birthday sherilyn [03 Sep 2009|06:10pm]

Happy Birthday Sherilyn :D
Download FJM here

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